Winter 2017 Issue

By Nancy Painter | Last Updated January 01, 2017
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edible jersey winter 2017


At the Table: A World of Local Food

Years ago, during a car ride in the South of France, I discovered something surprising about myself. Although I sometimes can’t remember what I did last week, I seem to have a remarkable recall for meals I have eaten.

Kathy, Marie, Marisa and I had been traveling on the winding road toward Grasse for hours and, conversation momentarily spent, we needed a word game, or maybe 20 Questions, to help pass the time. This was long before my Edible days; I had a job that required extensive travel and a love for vacations that took me even further afield. My friends started to quiz me about some of the meals I had eaten along the way.

I can’t remember the reason for my business trip to southwest Virginia two decades ago, but I can still vividly see, smell and taste the legendary peanut soup at the Hotel Roanoke. I don’t remember who I met with in Milwaukee, but I remember the oversized croutons in the split-pea soup and the impossibly thin lemon slices that topped the schnitzel at a German restaurant there. I can still see the frog legs on my plate in Philly; I can smell the spoonful of shrimp étouffée in New Orleans.

Thinking back to a vacation in Portugal stirs up memories of port and prawns; Malaga, Spain, is where Kathy, Marisa and I discovered white gazpacho—and managed to snag the recipe. There was a perfectly prepared grouper in Blois, France, and I once saw an octogenarian drinking eel’s blood at a food market in Hong Kong.

Food and travel are the perfect pairing. We learn so much about a region’s culture and personality by sharing a taste of what’s on its plate. Food traditions celebrate our differences, our uniqueness; they represent the mosaic promise of our planet. Our world of local flavors needs to be cherished.

Journalist Carlo Petrini says the day he learned a McDonald’s franchise was planning to open near the Spanish Steps in Rome was the day he became an advocate for local foods. Slow Food, the organization he founded in 1989 “to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat,” is now a movement involving millions of people in more than 160 countries.

Which brings me to this, our annual travel issue. In the Cotswolds (page 32), Rome (page 18) and Ethiopia (page 40), we experience culinary traditions. Closer to home, we join a New Jersey hot dog tour (page 22) and our writers share a few food travel memories of their own (page 36).

We hope this issue inspires you to seek the experience of food this year. Whether you’re dining at an Indian restaurant, finding the best local spot for farmstead cheese in Sacramento or taking, as I recently did, a cooking class in Tuscany, take a moment to truly focus on the food and the people who grow, produce, prepare and serve it. You will gain a taste of place, a sense of community and—just possibly—a wonderful lifelong memory.

-Nancy Brannigan Painter, Publisher

Sift Bake Shop

sift bake shop
Using family recipes, top-shelf ingredients and some of the very same cookie cutters from her childhood, Sift Bake Shop specializes in baked goods with an artistic twist.

Hudson Kitchen Offers Food Business Bootcamp

Djenaba Johnson-Jones
Hudson Kitchen is offering a new series, Food Business Bootcamp: From Concept to Farmers' Market in Four Months. Taking a nuts-and-bolts approach to business planning, seven sessions cover everything...

East Coast Distilling Specializes in Jersey Shine Moonshine

jersey shine
Locals queue up for modern-day moonshine at one of New Jersey’s newest distilleries, East Coast distilling, which specializes in a neutral grain spirit dubbed Jersey shine.

Table to Table Turns "Wasted" Food into Hot Meals

Table to Table, a nonprofit based in Englewood Cliffs, was founded in 1999 with the goal of turning unsold foods into hot meals for people in need.

Why More People Are Eating Less Grain

Gluten-free foods have been taking up the shelves in grocery stores, especially in the health food aisle. But is avoiding gluten part of a healthy diet?

Four Ways with Cauliflower

four ways with cauliflower
You have cauliflower, now the question is what to do with it? Luckily, there are a lot of different things you can do to completely transform this veggie. From frying it to making it into a soup,...

Story of a Dish: Chicken Pot Pie

Paul Banzini executive chef of Hearth & Tap in Montvale
Paul Bazzini, executive chef of Hearth & Tap in Montvale, features chicken pot pie on his menu. To put the humble chicken pot pie on par with fine cuisine, the choice and preparation of each...

Traveling Puzzle and Activities for Kids

kids traveling
It's fun to travel to new places! You can learn more about the people and the culture of a place by trying traditional foods of that area. The best part about traveling is that when you get home, you...

How to Prepare Tamales

Follow along with this infographic for everything you need to know about preparing tamales. Recipes for dough and fillings are plentiful, so arm yourself with your favorites and get ready to roll.

Tasting Rome by Katie Parla

katie parla
Katie Parla’s love for food in the ancient city began by giving recommendations and has now evolved into her widely acclaimed cookbook "Tasting Rome."

In Ethiopia, Coffee Requires Community

Ethiopian coffee ceremony
In Ethiopia, coffee ceremonies are an important part of everyday life. A woman holds a ceremony three times per day (morning, noon and night), inviting neighbors, visitors, special guests and friends...

Pit Stop, Southern Style at Sally Bell's Kitchen

boxed lunch
The food at Sally Bell’s is consistent, portable and delicious. It’s made fresh every morning almost entirely by hand—including the mayonnaise, excluding the sliced bread—by a small army of...

New Jersey: Hot Dog Nation

mac-n-cheese dog
Hot dogs rank at the top of America’s list of favorite foods (second only to pizza), but in New Jersey, they’re more than that. In New Jersey, hot dogs are a religion.

Siblings Bond Through Various Writing Assignments

Tara Nurin and brother Justin Nurin
Author Tara Nurin brings along her brother on writing assignments where age differences seems to flatten as he demonstrates what an ideal travel buddy and reporting assistant he can be.

Tasting History in Chipping Campden at Chef's Dozen

Chipping Campden
Richard Craven, chef-owner of the Chef’s Dozen, is a local boy with a passion for great food born of superior ingredients. Craven’s enthusiastic hospitality and commitment to local ingredients and...

Edible Jersey's Most Unforgettable Bites and Sips

fiddlehead ferns
In preparation for our travel issue, we asked Edible Jersey’s regular contributors to share their most unforgettable bites and sips from their own wanderings, both near and far. Here are the most...

Pollo Alla Romana (Chicken with Tomatoes and Bell Peppers)

pollo romana
This Pollo Alla Romana dish is adapted from "Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City."

Matt’s Moonshine Twist Cocktail

jersey shine moonshine
Jersey Shine is a family tradition, so it only seemed fitting to share my “research” with my dad, Matt Sullivan. The result is a cocktail we created together, perfect to share with your favorite...

Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie
Chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food. Although this recipe requires many ingredients, your taste buds will notice each and every one.

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