Perfect Deviled Eggs

November 01, 2013


Place eggs in a pot that will hold them in one layer. Cover the eggs with cold water and put on a high flame. As soon as the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat and cover the pot with a tightfitting lid. Let sit for 10 minutes. Pour off the hot water and cover the eggs with ice water for 20 minutes.

Peel the eggs and cut them in half lengthwise. Carefully remove the yolks. Push the yolks through a fine mesh strainer and put them in a mixing bowl. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of salt. Mix with a whisk to make a smooth purée. Carefully spoon the egg yolk mixture back into the egg halves. This can be done with a spoon or a piping bag, depending on the importance of presentation.

Note: Traditionally, deviled eggs are sprinkled with paprika. But you can garnish with parsley, chives, red onion, black olives, diced tomato or even sunflower seeds.

Recipe by Corey Heyer, Executive Chef, The Bernards Inn, Bernardsville

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  • 1 dozen eggs, room temperature
  • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt to taste
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