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Summer 2016 Issue

Last Updated June 01, 2016
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At the Table: Changing Seasons

One of the stories in this issue of Edible Jersey describes the Farminary, a new program at Princeton Theological Seminary in which theology students contemplate the links between food, ecology and God—all while helping weed the garden. The program’s director, Nate Stucky, sees lots of overlap between the skill sets of good farmers and good pastors, such as “knowing how to pay attention to the seasons, knowing how to tend to something, knowing how to persist through failure and knowing—and having reverence for—the inter-connectedness of life and death.”

I get excited about stories like this that draw connections between food and the big questions in life. In another story, two beginning chicken farmers at Voodoo Farm in Hardwick take care to slaughter their chickens in the middle of the night, when the birds are half asleep, in an attempt to end their lives as peacefully as possible. Do chickens slaughtered at the huge industrial chicken farms receive the same reverence? It’s an important question.

This issue celebrates farmers and farmers’ markets. In it you will read about efforts to make healthy produce more accessible to everyone, a young farmer juggling the challenges of managing a farm and becoming a mother, and what goes on beyond the scenes at a farmers’ market on market day. Don’t miss the listings of 2016 New Jersey farmers’ markets.

On a personal note, after more than three years as the editor at Edible Jersey, I decided recently that this will be my last issue. I’m not really going anywhere—I’m staying put in beautiful East Amwell, New Jersey, and I will continue to pursue my professional passion, which is telling stories based around food, ecology, sustainability and health. But I’m taking this opportunity to build a company of my own, Hundred Year Films, with a focus on narrative, documentary-style video production. If you’d like to keep track of what I’m up to, I hope you’ll visit me from time to time at, as well as at the home of my environmental webseries, The Creature Show, at

It’s been a great three years, and I’m thankful for the opportunities provided by Edible Jersey and publisher Nancy Painter, and for all the good moments I’ve been able to share with writers, photographers, the magazine’s staff, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs and you, our enthusiastic readers. I’m excited about what comes next.

See you out in the fields.

-Jared Flesher, Editor

In Season: Summer Cocktails

gin basil smash cocktail recipe
Those looking to level up their home bar have a fascinating new resource in The New Cocktail Hour (Running Press) by André and Tenaya...

Raw Milk Remains Controversial in New Jersey

milking a cow
In New Jersey, sales of raw milk and dairy products made from raw milk are illegal; however, these are legal in nearby Pennsylvania and New York. Are the purported benefits of raw milk worth the risks...

Motherhood While Farming

pregnant farmer
When Taylor first chose to be a farmer, she knew she'd have to wait a while before having a family. Like farming itself, motherhood is inevitably filled with uncertainty.

The Principles of Good Farmers' Market Design

farmers market display
Though delicious local produce on a summer’s day might seem like it could sell itself, a lot goes on behind the scenes to create a successful farmers’ market.

Bresse of Blairstown: A Chicken of Tradition

The American Bresse
In Hardwick, 20 white chickens with scarlet combs and dark-blue feet peck at the grass sprouting up through the leaves. They're known as the American Bresse or "queen of chickens."

Princeton Theological Seminary Explores Intersection of Faith and Food

planting in greenhouse
The Farminary is the Princeton Theological Seminary’s farm-based initiative that integrates theological education and sustainable agriculture with the goal of training leaders for the church.

Rutgers Scarlet: The Jersey Strawberry

A team at Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station are working to someday introduce new varieties of strawberries that will extend the growing season.

Story of a Dish: Lobster Corn Risotto

John Bernstein
Bernstein created a risotto that pays homage to one of the state’s most beloved farm products—Jersey sweet corn. That corn risotto was such a success that Bernstein and the tasting team agreed it...

Craft Beer & Spirits: Beers from the Pines

Pine Barrens
Last summer, the brewers at Flying Fish Brewery in Somerdale went for a hike in the New Jersey Pine Barrens in search of special flavors for their latest creation—a brew dedicated to the forest.

Summer Farmers' Market Worksheet for Kids

Edible jersey kids scavenger hunt farmers market worksheet
Use this worksheet to teach your kids about farmers markets and the beauty of fresh, local food.

Gin Basil Smash Cocktail

gin basil smash cocktail recipe
This drink demonstrates so ably how fresh ingredients can be incorporated into everyday drinking cocktails. Head to your kitchen garden or snag a big bunch of basil at the farmers’ market, and you...

Mint Julep Cocktail

mint julep cocktail recipe
Pair a julep with fried oysters, a burger, or a club sandwich. The mint brings refreshment to a salty, heavy lunch. Today, juleps are associated with bourbon, mint, and the Kentucky Derby, but the...

Red Snapper Cocktail

red snapper cocktail recipe
Freshly squeezed tomato juice is the backbone for this stunning, garden-fresh version of a Bloody Mary. It’s the exact opposite of a kitchen-sink brunch drink. Use a juicer to express the tomato...

Voodoo Farm Grilled Chicken Breast Over Penne with Cheese Sauce

Fresh chicken from Voodoo Farm, four types of cheeses, and penne pasta combine in this Grilled Chicken Breast Over Penne with Cheese Sauce recipe

Strawberries with White Chocolate Mint Mousse

whole and sliced strawberries
This strawberries with white chocolate mousse recipe is a decadent yet healthy dessert.

Lobster Corn Risotto

lobster corn risotto recipe
This lobster corn risotto recipe is the perfect seafood dish to satisfy your taste buds and keep you wanting more all summer long.

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