High Summer 2016 Issue

Last Updated August 01, 2016
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As we were preparing this issue for press, we received the exciting news that Edible Jersey had won a 2016 EDDY Award for Best Feature: Chef. “The First Ladies of Cape May,” written by Pat Tanner and photographed by Aleksey Moryakov for our Spring 2015 issue, tells the beautiful story of sisters Dorothy (“Dot”) Burton and Lucille Thompson, who cooked together in the kitchen at the Chalfonte Hotel for nearly their entire lives.

The annual EDDY Awards recognize the best content produced by the 90-plus Edible publications across the United States and Canada. It was no easy feat for Edible Jersey to win in both the Critics’ (Judges’) Choice and the Readers’ Choice competitions for this story, and we are honored by the recognition. Dot passed away at the age of 88 last year, not long after we published her story. The win especially touched our hearts, as it seemed like a fitting tribute to the life shared by the two sisters.

In announcing the award, one of the judges explained her reason for selecting “The First Ladies of Cape May” as her first choice. “When so much food media is driven by PR strategy and chef worship, it’s refreshing to read a story about family, tradition and a shared love of cooking,” said chef and television personality Vivian Howard. “I loved learning about these women, and I’m going to fry chicken in fat flavored by onions!” Her comment has stuck with me these past few days as we put the finishing touches on the magazine you now hold in your hands—our annual Restaurant Issue.

Edible Jersey tells the stories of food and the people who create it. We are not about the stars or the hype. We are about good food and the people, traditions and love that flavor it. In this issue, we serve up the story of an Israeli chef (page 30) and sit down with a New Jersey native who devotes his culinary expertise to farm-fresh ingredients (page 48). We meet with Corinne Bradley-Powers, who has been dishing up a bounty of food and goodwill at her restaurant in Camden for nearly three decades (page 72), and we look at how chefs and farmers are increasingly working together to create a more sustainable food system (page 55).

I am proud of these stories, and I’m proud of New Jersey’s talented chefs and culinary professionals, those featured in these pages as well as the countless others across the state who work in restaurant kitchens from high-end to ethnic, fast-casual to farm-to-table. Most of all, I am proud to have readers who understand that food is much more than what’s on our plate. Edible Jersey readers know that food is who we are: It connects us to each other, to our past as well as to our future.

Thank you for reading Edible Jersey and for sharing our love of food and what makes it good.

Nancy Brannigan Painter, Publisher

Raising a Glass of Water

Remembering to sip water can be difficult, especially when you’re busy enjoying the sunshine on a hot summer day. However, as the temperatures rise, so does our need to stay hydrated. Drinking...

Corn: Four Ways

corn four ways
From salsa to grilled corn, we have all of the corn recipes you will need to get you through summer without ever tiring of this versatile veggie!

A Taste of Chambersburg's Past at the Club Condado

Jules and Lucia and their kids at home in the 1940s.
The Club Condado was elegant in a way that was recognizable to any American—and in no way specific to my great-grandparents’ Italian-American culture.

Story of a Dish: Garlic-Glazed Halibut over Ratatouille

Chef Andrew de Waal
Andrew de Waal decided it is cooler to like all foods than it is to be a fussy eater. From that moment forward, the future executive chef and co-owner of Andre’s in Sparta began whittling away at...

Melting Pot: Expanding Your Child's Palate While Dining Out

Headquarter Sannine Lebanese Restaurant
By constantly ordering from the kids menu, your child is cheated out of trying new and exciting tastes. Early exposure to diverse seasonings helps broaden a child’s palate. With New Jersey’s...

Teach Kids What Eating Local Means

eating local activity
Teach your kids what it means to eat local with this activity sheet found where they can learn to draw, make instruments and even dream up their ideal meal.

Frozen Treats Get Delicious Makeover in New Book "Icy Creamy Healthy Sweet"

icy creamy healthy sweet
Once you begin playing in the kitchen, experimenting with making sweets that are as healthy as they are delicious, there is no limit to where your creativity can take you. This can be especially true...

Meny Vankin Cooks from the Heart at Montclair's Mishmish

Moroccan fish stew at Mishmish
There’s olive oil, the herbal fragrance of za’atar, the tang of the feta that fills a tub in the open kitchen of Mishmish, Meny Vaknin’s 46-seat restaurant in Montclair.

Meet the Kitchen Twins Lyla and Emily

lyla and emily kitchen twins
Lyla and Emily are your average preteens, except for the fact that they have their own food brand: Kitchen Twins and a signature product that will soon be sold nationwide.

Nonprofit Common Ground Helps Children Work Through Grief in Kitchen

meals to remember
Nonprofit Common Ground runs a program that lets families mourn for lost loved ones in a particularly meaningful way by creating a dish—with the help of a chef— in the deceased’s honor.

Experimental Farm Network Fights Climate Change

experimental farm network
Headquartered on an unassuming patch of farmland in Salem County, the Experimental Farm Network is trying to save the world from climate change.

The Evolution of Farm-to-Table

chili at Farm & Fisherman Tavern
There’s no doubt that the accolades poured on great chefs are well deserved. But there are also farmers whose skills and dedication are just as important to the making of that stellar menu.

Corinne's Place Serves Authentic Soul Food

Corinne's Place soul food
Soul food is a culinary tradition built over years of shared meals and memories. In Camden, that tradition comes from the dining room of Corinne’s Place, an almost-30-year-old soul-food kitchen...

Nonni's "Knochies"

Nonni's "Knochies" are a delicious homemade gnocchi recipe that utilizes only 4 ingredients. Enjoy with a red gravy or pesto sauce.

Frozen Yogurt Bark

frozen yogurt bark
This bark is a take on traditional chocolate bark, and it works perfectly as a fun-size frozen treat. The yogurt base is simple— plain whole milk yogurt sweetened with a bit of honey and a dash of...

Berry, Lime, Coconut Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

berry, lime froyo
The combination of raspberries, coconut, and lime with the tanginess of whole milk yogurt and buttermilk makes for an incredibly light, rosy-hued treat. The bright sweetness of raspberries pairs...

Mexican Chocolate Fudge Pops

mexican chocolate pop
While traditional fudge pops are extremely tasty, I find them a bit lacking given their single flavor profile. By adding a bit of cinnamon and cayenne pepper, these fudgy pops pack a whole lot of...

Johnny's Garlic Shrimp with Sriracha Aioli

Serve the shrimp for a great appetizer by placing on a bed of sriracha mayonnaise and topping with melted butter.

Garlic-Glazed Halibut, Summer-Style Ratatouille, and Herb Broth

garlic halibut
This grilled halibut is a refreshing summer dish and is served on top of a bed of summer-style ratatouille with the broth surrounding the dish.

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